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Oversea shipping news:Leisu DG copying high-pressure non-contact car washing machine was sent to Aquabot LLC in Voronezh, Russia

On the overseas delivery site, on August 12, 2022, the Leisu DG copying high-pressure non-contact car washing machine will be shipped from Ningbo Port to the Voronezh Aquabot LLC, Russia, with a total weight of 2700KG, 18 cubic meters, and 6 pieces of goods.

Leisu always adheres to the needs of customers as the starting point to create more and newer good products for users. Leisu DG's perfect design concept, perfect cleaning effect, profiling high-pressure washing, profiling automatic drying, high-pressure swing and other highlights The innovation and innovation are all eye-catching and refreshing, and the product technology has reached the industrial level, which has set off a wave of ordering booms in the domestic and foreign markets.

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