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Shipping news: one set Leisu wash 360 is going to shippped to Qinghai

On September 9, 2019,One set Leisu wash 360 model car washing machine ordered by Jinda Petroleum of Golmud City, Qinghai Province was loading. It is expected that the equipment will be delivered to the user within 6 days. Total weight of equipment: 2800Kg, 10.5 cubic meters, 6 pieces of goods.

With its excellent product quality,Leisu has adhered to the concept of product, from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. Up to now, the Leopard car washing machine has been sold to all provinces and cities in China and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, including China's  Taiwan and Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region, exported to 83 countries and regions overseas, and established agents in many countries and regions at home and abroad. Business and service outlets.

The Leisu Hi-gloss System with national invention patents will help you to successfully grow your car wash business. Under the colorful LED lights, this innovative system can pour out silky smooth fluid and brightly attached to the body. With a unique and interesting customer experience, your customers will love the shiny car, and you will be able to enjoy the growth of revenue. The Radium Leopard Brightening System will create more value for you.

The original up and down eccentric design concept, the rotating arm can linearly follow the body contour, using 360-degree rotary flushing of average speed, pressure equalization and even distance. The body can be cleaned at the maximum angle, and the cleaning dead zone is completely removed. Innovative, non-resisting slide design, light and smooth running control, flushing in just 28 seconds a week, saving more than 50% of water, saving more than 60%.

In-line quick air drying system, through complex fluid design, streamlined circular air outlet, greatly reducing wind pressure loss, converge into long-distance high-pressure airflow, directly to the body surface, whether it is a tall SUV or a low-profile sports car, Achieve rapid drying effect.

Leisu wash 360 also provides users with more user-friendly design concepts, through these innovative design features, better use, management and maintenance of equipment. For example, automatic standby service, oil-free function, car wash count statistics function, authority protection function and many other humanized innovative functions. Committed to simplifying the work of maintenance personnel, enabling operators to have a better experience, creating more convenient management and management for users, and easily creating more wealth.

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